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Biological and Chemical Soil Analysis

Physico Chemical Soil Analysis for Maximising Healthy Plant and Grass Growth


Standard Soil Analysis:

Comprises the following chemical and available nutrient analysis:
pH; Conductivity; Available Phosphorus; Potassium; Magnesium; Sodium; Calcium.
Plus the following parameters to determine nutrient balance and retention in the soil: Cation Exchange Capacity;  % Organic Matter; %Base saturation.




Complex Soil Analysis

Comprises  all of the above plus the following available micronutrients: Boron; Copper; Zinc; Manganese.
Soluble and Total forms of these nutrients can also be measured on request.

Each sample is compared to the accepted best practice for maximising plant growth in healthy soil. Interpretation and advice on the results from samples supplied by the customer is usually given free of charge.




Water Analysis

To determine the suitability of water bodies and water sources for recreational use and as an irrigation source:


Standard Water Analysis comprises the following:


Water Chemistry and Pollution parameters:

pH; BOD; COD; Suspended Solids; Turbidity; Conductivity; Chloride; Sodium; Sulphate; Hardness; Alkalinity;
Nutrients and Trace Elements:
Ammonium; Nitrate; Nitrite; Organic Nitrogen; Phosphate; Silicate; Potassium; Magnesium; Calcium; Zinc; copper; Manganese; Boron.
Iron; Lead; Cadmium; Chromium; Nickel; Aluminium; Lithium; Strontium; Barium.
We can also a range of additional suspected chemical pollutants if required.



Bacteriological Analysis

We can carry out biological analysis for general water quality and suspected sewage contamination. Please contact Symbio for further advice and information.



Silt and Soil Analysis

We can tailor whatever suites of analyses are required to determine the quality of silt for disposal prior to dredging. This can also include and analysis of the receiving site.



Hydrocarbon Analysis for  Silt Disposal

We can carry out a hydrocarbon identification to determine whether total hydrocarbons measured in silt are polluting mineral oils or the vegetable oils from accumulating plant material and leaf fall. This can potentially eliminate the need for silts to be disposed of to a registered site.



Silt Quality and Lake Health

We can carry out silt mapping and silt volume calculations in addition to ecological silt analysis to determine the impact that silt is having on the health of the lake or pond’s ecosystem and determine the suitability of the silt for in situ degradation and / or bioremediation.



Please contact Symbio to discuss your specific requirements.

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