Distribution and Own Label


Distribution and own label production

Symbio has combined its research and developments with soil bacteria, fungi, biostimulants and fertilisers with the exceptional range of mycorrhizal fungi produced Mycorrhizal Applications link to www.mycorrhizae.com to supply a complete range of mycorrhizal inoculants, bacterial and fungal inoculants, organic nutrients, biostimulants and fertilisers for nearly all native and non native plants, crops, trees and grasses.

Benefits enjoyed by mycorrhizal plants
  • Faster, stronger growth with less fertiliser and water
  • Increased yields for fruit, berries, vegetables and cereals
  • Great results for transplants and crops in difficult soil
  • Reduced transplant losses
Demand for mycorrhizal fungi is increasing rapidly.
Symbio is pleased to offer two profitable opportunities to distributors worldwide.
1. Sell the Symbio product range to your customers and benefit from our established brand and extensive research and case studies. We can tailor make products to suit all climates if our standard range does not meet with your requirements.
2. Sell mycorrhizae and microbial solutions under your own brand. Symbio offers a complete product design, blending, packing and labelling service, we can formulate products to fit into or expand an existing range or create a complete product range designed to fulfil the needs of your target customers. We offer a packaging and design service to help you create your own distinctive brand.

However you decide to sell our products we can provide complete on site product training for your sales team and continuing back up and technical support.



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