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Q. Will Blue Water harm my fish or other pond animal life?
A. No:  All the microbes in Blue Water are harmless organisms that can be found naturally in ponds and lakes. They have been selected for their ability to use the nutrients that stimulate heavy algal growth as a food source and to degrade any accumulating polluting organic sludge.

Q. Will Blue Water have any effect on my fish or pond animal life?
A. Yes: The ability of the microbes in the product to degrade organic sludge and to convert toxic ammonia and nitrites to harmless nitrates will improve general water quality, reducing the stress on fish and other aquatic fauna and improving their health.

Q. Will Blue Water harm my pond plants.
A. No: Although the microbes in Blue Water consume the nutrients that can stimulate heavy filamentous algae (blanket weed, cotton weed) and unicellular algae (green water) growth, they have no direct effect on any plant life and will not harm any of your rooted plants.

Q. Will Blue water have any effect on my aquatic plants?
A. Maybe: Although Blue water can have no direct effect on any rooted submerged aquatic or marginal plants; its ability to improve water clarity and degrade bottom sludge may improve the conditions for pond plants (particularly submerged plants) to grow.

Q. Will Aqua Blue dye colour my pond life plants or waterfowl?
A. If applied carefully and correctly according to the instructions, Aqua Blue will not discolour any plant or animal life once it has been added to the water. Care should always be taken when using the concentrated products as, although it is a harmless vegetable dye the concentrate it will temporarily stain surfaces it comes into contact with.

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