Plants that work with Mycorrhizae

All flowers, vegetables, grasses, bulbs, fruit trees, shrubs, foliage plants, berries, nut trees (except brassicas, laurels, rhododendrons, azaleas, blueberry, cranberry & loganberry)



Including the following commonly grown plants:

Acacia - ENDO Celery- ENDO Hackberry- ENDO Pea- ENDO
Agapanthus- ENDO Cherry- ENDO Hawthorn- ENDO Peach- ENDO
Alder - ENDO & ECTO Citrus- ENDO Cedar- ENDO Pear- ENDO
Almond- ENDO Corn- ENDO Hibiscus- ENDO Pepper- ENDO
Apple- ENDO Chrysanthemum- ENDO Hickory - ECTO Pine - ECTO
Apricot- ENDO Clover- ENDO Holly- ENDO Plum- ENDO
Ash- ENDO Coconut- ENDO Hornbeam - ECTO Poinsettia- ENDO
Asparagus- ENDO Crabapple- ENDO Horse Chestnut- ENDO Poplar - ECTO
Aubergine- ENDO Cucumber- ENDO Hydrangea- ENDO Potato- ENDO
Avocado- ENDO Currant- ENDO Impatiens- ENDO Pumpkin- ENDO
Bamboo- ENDO Cypress - ECTO Juniper- ENDO Raspberry- ENDO
Banana- ENDO Douglas-Fir - ECTO Kiwi- ENDO Rose- ENDO
Basil- ENDO Elder- ENDO Larch - ECTO Spruce - ECTO
Bay- ENDO Elm- ENDO Leek- ENDO Squash- ENDO
Bean- ENDO Eucalyptus - ECTO Lettuce- ENDO Strawberry- ENDO
Beech - ECTO Euonymous- ENDO Lily- ENDO Sunflower- ENDO
Begonia- ENDO Fern- ENDO London Plane Tree -ENDO & ECTO Sweet Chestnut - ECTO
Birch - ECTO Fig- ENDO Magnolia- ENDO Sycamore- ENDO
Blackberry- ENDO Fir - ECTO Maize- ENDO Tobacco- ENDO
Box- ENDO Forsythia- ENDO Maple- ENDO Tomato- ENDO
Cactus- ENDO Fox Glove Tree- ENDO Marigold- ENDO Tree of Heaven- ENDO
Camellia- ENDO Fuchsia- ENDO Melon- ENDO Viburnum- ENDO
Carrot- ENDO Garlic- ENDO Mulberry- ENDO Walnut- ENDO
Cassava- ENDO Geranium- ENDO Myrtle- ENDO Honeysuckle- ENDO
Casuarina - ENDO & ECTO Gingko- ENDO Oak - ECTO Wheat- ENDO
Catalpa- ENDO Grape vine- ENDO Okra- ENDO Willow -ENDO & ECTO
Ceanothus- ENDO Grass- ENDO Olive- ENDO Yucca- ENDO
Cedar - ENDO & ECTO Guelda Rose- ENDO Onion- ENDO  


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