“We have worked with Symbio since 2003. Since then root depth and mass have dramatically improved and our greens have become colonised with bent grass. Fungicide, fertiliser and water inputs have reduced, we have less disease and dry patch, fairy rings have disappeared and our members are very happy with the greens throughout the year.“
Bob Wiles
Course Manager RAC Golf and Country Club
Sports Turf  





Can you afford to waste Nature's

Free nutrients?
Free disease suppression?
Free fine grass promotion?



All Symbio products are compatible with conventional plant management techniques and provide excellent results as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programme helping to substantially reduce conventional fungicide use.

To allow the added mycorrhiza, soil fungi and bacteria to flourish, you should reduce fertiliser and water inputs.

Symbio’s trained and highly experienced technical advisors will conduct a thorough survey of existing conditions, and work out a programme with you to solve your problems
and meet your objectives to improve your sports turf. The Symbio team work closely with you to ensure success.

Symbio Solution
Thatch - Lack of oxygen, bacteria and fungi to degrade the thatch and convert it to humus, organic acids and plant food.

Inoculate with Symbio ThatchEater for guaranteed results



Degrade thatch and inoculate the plant with Symbio PhytoGro and the soil with Symbio Fungi Booster and MycoGro Complete fertilisers





Apply Symbio Fungi Booster to inoculate the soil with beneficial fungi and cure dry patch with Symbio HydroAid and Symbio



Add life to the soil with Symbio Green Circle, Compost Teas and
Symbio MycoGro Complete organic and part organic fertilisers with Mycorrhizae soil fungi and bacteria.



The Symbio programme will create the correct conditions for fine grasses to grow without putting Poa annua under stress. You can change grass species while maintaining a good playing surface.




Symbio work closely with DLF/Johnsons to ensure the right grass seeds are inoculated with Symbio Mycorrhizal Seed coat to give the emerging roots a biological support system and a competitive advantage over Poa annua.

Disease - Weak grass, under stress growing in poor soil without the benefit of natural disease suppression from beneficial plant hormones, bacteria fungi and nematodes.
Fairy rings & dry patch - The predators which prevent basidiomycetes (the fungi which cause fairy rings) are too weak to stop the fairy rings from forming.
Poor root growth - The plant is growing in sterile compacted soil
Poa annua out competes fine grasses - Incorrect soil conditions and management programme for fescue, bent or rye grasses
Overseeding doesn't work
The wrong seed, sowing technique
or poor soil
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