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Solutions for Disease, Dry Patch and Fairy Rings


Fairy Rings and Dry Patch

Fairy rings are caused by many types of basidiomycetes a common soil fungi that breaks down organic matter releasing nitrogen to form the green rings and protein which coats soil particles and forms a hydrophobic layer. The basidiomycetes can be outcompeted for nutrient by a wide range of thatch eating fungi.

Apply Compost Teas with Fungal Additive and HydroAid tank mixed every two to four weeks or apply Fungi Booster and Humic Booster every two weeks until Fairy Rings disappear. 

For non fungal dry patch Apply HydroAid Plus every two or three weeks, it may be tank mixed with liquid fertilisers.

Disease Management

Degrading thatch will combat disease by:

1) Increasing the availability of nutrient for a stronger plant.
2) Reducing the amount of inorganic fertiliser required – mineral salts kill off the good fungi and produce weak growth susceptible to disease.
3) Removing the food source for the pathogens.
4) Increasing oxygen and water transfer reducing the low oxygen, humid conditions favoured by fusarium.
5) Increasing humus production for a healthier fungal dominant rootzone which favours the fine grasses less susceptible to disease rootzone the beneficial microbes growing in the thatch layer will competitively exclude some of the common turf diseases like fusarium, take all and dollar spot and will reduce the severity of fairy rings. 

Symbio does not sell fungicides but creates healthy soil and healthy plants to allow natural disease management to work.

Apply Compost Teas at least monthly through the growing season to improve soil quality.

Apply Symbio PhytoGro Monthly from August through to the time the grass stops growing.

Apply Symbio Fungi Booster Monthly two weeks after PhytoGro.
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