Sports Turf

Healthy perennial grasses grow in biologically active soil, where microorganisms provide natural defence mechanisms against disease, dry patch and thatch build up. Healthy soils contain mycorrhizal fungi which extend root systems and increase access to nutrients and water.


Symbio provides the correct combination of biology, chemistry and physics for the growth of fine grass, reducing the need for chemicals, and resulting in less disease, less physical disruption, reduced management time and lower costs.


Liquid fertilisers & iron

Liquid Fertiliser 20.0.10 + seaweed/humic acid.

SYMBIO LIQUID FERTILISER with humic acid and seaweed acts as a biostimulant, encouraging the growth of a healthy soil food web, and improving nutrient uptake. 

Chelated Iron 6%

SYMBIO CHELATED IRON is a liquid formulation, rapidly assimilated by the plant to provide a very swift ‘green-up’ response, and harden grass against wear.

50/50 Soluble Iron

SYMBIO 50/50 SOLUBLE IRON promotes rapid green-up, and hardens grass against wear. Containing 20.5% Ferrous Sulphate, 50/50 soluble iron is rapidly assimilated by turf. 

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