Optimise the health of your soil, the productivity of your crops and minimise inorganic fertiliser, pesticide and water use.

Work with nature to restore balance to your soil. A healthy soil ensures high crop yields, however all too often agriculture relies on inorganic fertilisers (with high salt indices), and pesticides to resolve problems, this gradually kills the life in your soil. Symbio helps you break the fertiliser-pesticide-disease cycle by introducing and supporting soil biology. Soil is teeming with billions of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that work together in a complex food web that supports plant growth, releases nutrients, improves soil structure, regulates water movement and outcompetes plant pathogens. By managing your soil in a way that improves soil function a sustainable solution to many of the problems can be implemented.  

Symbio products help to re-introduce soil biology and support the growth of a diverse community. A healthy soil food web serves as a solid foundation for agricultural practices and helps you to grow healthy and nutritious crops.  



Compost Tea Brewers

Compost tea is a highly concentrated microbial brew, containing diverse populations of beneficial soil fungi and bacetria plus protozoa and beneficial nematodes. Increased microbial populations improve soil structure, increase water retention and promote nutrient uptake, thus increasing crop yields, while reducing fertiliser and irrigation requirements. 

Symbio IBC Aerator

SYMBIO IBC AERATOR is designed to fit in a 1000L IBC, to make between 800 – 1000 litres of compost tea to treat a growing area of up to 25 hectares.

200 Litre Symbio Compost Tea Brewer

SYMBIO 200L BREWER makes between 100 – 200 litres of compost tea to cover from 1 – 5 hectares. Designed for sports pitches, golf clubs, allotments and medium sized nurseries.

25 litre Symbio Tea Brewer

SYMBIO 25L BREWER. Ideal for the smaller nursery and turf manager.  25 litres treats up to 3000 m2 Ideal for bowling greens, cricket squares, soil based winter sports pitches, allotments and lawns. 

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