“Since working with Compost Teas the now more prominent rye grasses are getting even healthier and resilient and considering I have not been able to irrigate in 3 weeks in a heatwave and drought situation I’d have to say my pitch is in amazing condition and it’s all down to regular aeration and Symbio products, for me a winning combination.”  - Paul Fiske, Head Groundsman, Formartine United Football Club


“The greens at Baberton suffered with thatch build up, shallow rooting and black layer due to excessive applications of inorganics. We needed to change our direction and philosophy. Working with Symbio we have seen significant improvements to soil and turf health and look forward to continuing a sustainable approach”.  - Gary McKenna, Course Manager, Baberton Golf Club


“Working with Symbio compost tea and biostimulants has resulted in a huge increase in bent grass, without overseeding, and a dramatic reduction in fertiliser and fungicide use.”  - Finbarr Coughlan, Water Rock GC, Co Cork, Ireland


“Our greens were usually quite slow to become active in spring. Symbio CMS Shoot 5.0.2 has accelerated early season growth for the benefit of our members and guests”. -  Derek Smart, Head Greenkeeper, Baberton Golf Course


“After the prolonged rainfall experienced in the area many courses were suffering the ill effects of waterlogged greens, Liquid Aeration plus Symbio Seaweed 50% immediately gave the greens a new lease of life which allowed uninterrupted play into the winter.”  - Sam Wardill,  Head Greenkeeper, Meltham Golf Club


“Having worked with Symbio since 2015 it was amazing to see the excellent results through the hot summer of 2018, I experienced very little dry patch and excellent moisture management. I put this down to working with good soil biology, converting organic matter to humus, increasing root mass and improving sward density by increasing perennial grasses, all benefitting from applications of Symbio Incision which managed the moisture levels through this very tough time.”  -Robert Lydon,  Sandwell Park


“Two seasons working with a Symbio programme including compost tea and biostimulants, along with good basic greenkeeping, has transformed the profile of our greens, from thatchy, poorly drained soils to firm, disease resistant greens with vastly improved bent coverage.”  - Sam Bethell, Chipstead Golf Club


“Symbio BioTabs are a simple and convenient addition to boosting the health of our rootzone. Used with quality biostimulants we have incorporated them into our soil biology programme ultimately improving plant health.”  - Jim Sheehan,  Truro Golf Club


“In less than two of years of working with Symbio, our annual meadow grass greens are changing. Large areas of perennial grass are now growing and we see a reduction in the coverage of poa annua. Fungicide use has reduced dramatically and the programme created by Symbio has put life into our soil.”  - Martyn Pearce, Greens Chairman, Uttoxeter Golf Club


“Using Blue Water over the last five years has enabled me to provide a much better service for my customers by keeping their ponds and lakes algae free all year. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Blue Water to anyone.”  - Tim Soane,  Managing Director, Clearwater plm


“Using Symbio Blue Water is the most effective and economic way we have found of keeping our angling lake free of blanket weed having tried all other available methods.”  - Tony Little, Area Parks Officer, Southend Borough Council

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