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Find out more about how Symbio can help you restore life to your soil. Tune in for regular updates on product development, research, product use and timing. Find out about soil biology, and how you can manage the soil food web to maintain a healthy playing surface; grow beautiful blooms and lawns; harvest healthy and nutritious crops, fruit and vegetables; and keep your ponds and lakes sparkling and blue.

Dr Deidre Charleston - Autumn Blog 2022

Finally, a bit of rain for my poor scorched lawn! What a summer we have had, blistering temperatures and long dry spells for many. 2022 is the warmest year so far on record (official records started in 1884), with temperatures exceeding 40oC for the first time.


Dr Deidre Charleston - Things are heating up!

As I write my first blog for Symbio, I think back on winter, and the torrential rain and storms which battered our country and never seemed to stop.


Dr Deidre Charleston - WORD OF THE MONTH: Unprecedented

I think I have heard this word every day for the past 8 weeks, and indeed, we have all been living in unprecedented times. Now life is slowly returning to a new kind of normal and we start to look ahead.


Dr Deidre Charleston - BLOG – Summer Holidays!

What will the summer bring this year? Usually I find myself wondering how I will manage the 6 weeks of school holidays, filled with boisterous children and messy rooms, however this year I find myself wishing that it was only 6 weeks, and not the ongoing 16 weeks, filled with bored, noisy, TV addicts, currently sharing my increasingly diminished space!


Dr Deidre Charleston - The clocks have moved forward

The clocks have moved forward and each day we have little more light to barbeque by! We dust off our favorite swimsuits and look forward to returning to a more normal life. Finally, the pubs are open, people are out and about playing golf, and returning to their local bowls, cricket or football clubs.


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