Optimise the health of your soil, the productivity of your crops and minimise inorganic fertiliser, pesticide and water use.

Work with nature to restore balance to your soil. A healthy soil ensures high crop yields, however all too often agriculture relies on inorganic fertilisers (with high salt indices), and pesticides to resolve problems, this gradually kills the life in your soil. Symbio helps you break the fertiliser-pesticide-disease cycle by introducing and supporting soil biology. Soil is teeming with billions of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that work together in a complex food web that supports plant growth, releases nutrients, improves soil structure, regulates water movement and outcompetes plant pathogens. By managing your soil in a way that improves soil function a sustainable solution to many of the problems can be implemented.  

Symbio products help to re-introduce soil biology and support the growth of a diverse community. A healthy soil food web serves as a solid foundation for agricultural practices and helps you to grow healthy and nutritious crops.  



Soil Tonics

Symbio Humic 80 soluble granular

SYMBIO HUMIC BOOSTER acts as a biostimulant, supplying a high level of humic acid, one of the main components of natural soil humus. Humic acid stimulates a wide range of beneficial metabolic effects in both plants and soil microbiology. 

Symbio Humic 30 Liquid

SYMBIO HUMIC BOOSTER LIQUID is pre- dissolved potassium humate that supplies a high level of humic acid, one of the main components of natural soil humus.  Humic booster liquid acts as a biostimulant, it is rich in humates, humic and fulvic acid and potassium, providing an essential food source for soil mcirobes.

Symbio Oxy-Mise

SYMBIO OXY-MISE is a blend of complex chemical components that contain a high concentration of oxygen atoms. When added to an irrigation system oxygen becomes available for use by the plant and soil microbes, encouraging normal aerobic activity in the rootzone.


Symbio ChitoGro

SYMBIO CHITOGRO contains complex carbohydrates and organic nitrogen, and is a rich source of chitosan, the chitin - derived carbohydrate that is an essential component of natural soil humus but is often absent from heavily managed or sterile soils. ChitoGro stimulates healthy root and shoot growth, stimulates beneficial soil biology and improves germination and seedling survival. 


Growing Media Activator & Compost Starter

SYMBIO COMPOST STARTER rapidly degrades woody material, reduces ammonia levels and promotes beneficial soil microorganisms. Under aerobic conditions the specially selected bacteria and fungi  rapidly break down simple sugars, lignin and cellulose found in waste vegetables.  

SYMBIO MEDIA ACTIVATOR is a highly concentrated blend of selected natural bacteria and fungi designed to introduce the complex soil biology essential for healthy plant growth. The soil microbes naturally aerate the growing media, increase nutrient availability for the plant, reduce nutrient leaching, and improve plant health. 

Symbio Traceolite

SYMBIO TRACEOLITE is a natural silicate volcanic mineral with unique physical, chemical and cationic exchange properties, and packed with trace elements. Its three dimensional lattice allows for a very high cation exchange and provides excellent water holding capacity. TraceOlite retains and releases soluble nutrients in growing media, and reduces irrigation and fertiliser requirements.

Symbio Hydrogels

SYMBIO HYDROGELS are synthetic polymers capable of holding many times their own weight in water. Hydrogels are non – toxic and pH neutral and can be added to any growing media to improve both water and nutrient retention.

MycoGro Complete Organic Fertiliser SR 5.3.8

SYMBIO ORGANIC FERTILISERS put life back into your soil. Symbio Mycogro Complete Organic 5.3.8  is a balanced slow release fertiliser designed specifically to develop the biological and mycorrhizal activity of the soil. MycoGro Complete Organic fertilisers contain Soil Association approved poultry manure, composted to 70°C to kill all weeds and pathogens. The organic content contains 76% humus, and all the macro and micronutrients plants need for healthy growth, ensuring that young plants can access nutrients from day one.

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