Compost Teas

Compost teas introduce life into sterile soils and growing media when compost application is not practical.


Since 2003 Symbio has developed a range of compost tea brewers to provide a system that is right for you. We also supply a complete range of composts, nutrients and additives to create a biologically diverse compost tea to promote a healthy soil food web. Our technical team are on hand for support and advice. 


Compost Tea Packs and Additives

Compost Tea Packs

Complete Compost Tea Package for use with all Compost Tea Brewers

SYMBIO COMPOST TEA packs contain specially formulated aerobic compost made under controlled environmental conditions. The composting process ensures that all seeds and pathogens are killed. The microbial technology confirms that high populations of beneficial soil fungi and bacteria, protozoa and beneficial nematodes are present. Key biostimulants in the pack ensure rapid microbial growth during the brewing process.

The application of compost tea boosts the soil food web, creating healthy friable root zones, promoting fine grasses and improving plant growth. 

Fungal Additive for Compost Teas

SYMBIO FUNGAL ADDITIVE FOR COMPOST TEAS is a highly concentrated and diverse blend of fungi and bacteria selected for its ability to degrade lignin and convert it to humus. 

In Sports Turf, the fungi in the pack are designed to boost thatch-degrading fungal populations in compost teas, and to promote and maintain fungal dominance needed for perennial grass growth. 

In Horticulture, the fungi in the pack promote the biological conditions in growing media that support the growth of perennial plants, trees and shrubs. 

In Agriculture, the fungi in the pack promote mycorrhizae and mobilise organic matter in the soil, making nutrients more available and increasing crop yield. 

Bacterial Additive for Compost Teas

SYMBIO BACTERIAL ADDITIVE FOR COMPOST TEAS is a highly concentrated and diverse blend of bacteria designed to boost spring and autumn growth and lignin degradation. 

In Sports Turf, the diverse population of bacteria creates the biological conditions that promote both annual and perennial grasses.

In Horticulture, the bacteria create the biological conditions that improve growing media and promote annual plants.

In Agriculture, bacterial additive creates biological conditions that promote brassicas, improving nutrient availability and increasing crop yields.

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