Effect of Symbio MycoForce Transplanter on Japanese Maple


 On 13th July five Acer palmatum were inoculated with Symbio MycoForce Transplanter. This was applied as a drench when the plants were at plug stage (grown in rockwool), they were then transplanted to larger containers. Throughout this process, the media in which the treated plants were grown contained a controlled release fertiliser added at half the usual rate. Also, no fungicides were added to these plants.


As a control, five plants of the same variety were grown in a media containing a controlled release fertiliser added at full rate. No fungicides were added. These plants were also planted on 13th July, they were not treated with Symbio MycoForce Transplanter.


The results of this trial were very good visually with a large increase in top growth. Unfortunately due to the nature of this trial, the plants are not to be destroyed, therefore shoot and root dry weight cannot be measured. However, plant height was measured and after statistical analysis with a paired t-test the difference is shown to be significant.


The photograph below was taken on 26th October. The left hand plants show those treated with Symbio MycoForce Transplanter. The right hand plants are the control.


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