Plants grown under intensive management conditions - with water, fertilisers and pesticides routinely supplied, are costly to grow, and often struggle when introduced to a more natural environment. While we strive to grow healthy plants, our actions and chemical inputs harm the very things that make soil healthy. Without a living soil food web to support growing plants, the result is likely to be poor, weak and chemically dependent plants.   

Symbio specialises in selecting and applying mycorrhizae, soil bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms found in a healthy soil food web; together with biostimulants to feed the soil biology, and organic fertilisers to support plant growth, the result is a complete solution to healthy plant production. By inoculating your growing medium with nature’s support system you will see faster growth, reduced fertiliser and pesticide inputs, and healthier plants, with a far greater transplant survival rate. 


Biostimulants and Wetting Agents

Symbio Supa Yucca

SYMBIO SUPA YUCCA allows water to enter the plant in the same way as conventional wetting agents. This natural sugar based surfactant also stimulates soil microbes and enhances the uptake of nutrients, whilst promoting a healthy soil profile.

Symbio HydroAid Plus

SYMBIO HYDROAID PLUS is a powerful wetting agent designed to combat hydrophobic conditions that can occur in growing media.

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