Sports Turf

Healthy perennial grasses grow in biologically active soil, where microorganisms provide natural defence mechanisms against disease, dry patch and thatch build up. Healthy soils contain mycorrhizal fungi which extend root systems and increase access to nutrients and water.


Symbio provides the correct combination of biology, chemistry and physics for the growth of fine grass, reducing the need for chemicals, and resulting in less disease, less physical disruption, reduced management time and lower costs.


Compost Tea Brewers

SYMBIO BIO BREWERS suit every situation from entire golf courses and playing fields to bowling greens, creating healthy biologically active soil. Compost tea is a highly concentrated microbial solution containing a wide variety of beneficial soil microorganisms to improve soil structure, water percolation, nutrient uptake and create healthy roots and plants. 

Symbio IBC Aerator

SYMBIO IBC AERATOR is designed to fit in a 1000L IBC, to make between 800 – 1000 litres of compost tea to treat a growing area of up to 25 hectares.

200 Litre Symbio Compost Tea Brewer

SYMBIO 200L BREWER makes between 100 – 200 litres of compost tea to cover from 1 – 5 hectares. Designed for sports pitches, golf clubs, allotments and medium sized nurseries.

25 litre Symbio Tea Brewer

SYMBIO 25L BREWER. Ideal for the smaller nursery and turf manager.  25 litres treats up to 3000 m2 Ideal for bowling greens, cricket squares, soil based winter sports pitches, allotments and lawns. 

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