Sports Turf

Healthy perennial grasses grow in biologically active soil, where microorganisms provide natural defence mechanisms against disease, dry patch and thatch build up. Healthy soils contain mycorrhizal fungi which extend root systems and increase access to nutrients and water.


Symbio provides the correct combination of biology, chemistry and physics for the growth of fine grass, reducing the need for chemicals, and resulting in less disease, less physical disruption, reduced management time and lower costs.


Dry patch, fairy rings and disease management


SYMBIO DEFENDER promotes stress-resistant, healthy plants, by acting as a turf hardener, and autumn and winter biostimulant. Symbio defender is a concentrated extract of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed harvested from renewable resources, with 5% Iron and 0.3% Copper.

PhytoGro 0.0.18

SYMBIO PHYTOGRO provides a 3 in 1 product containing a unique combination of: biostimulants; wetting agents/penetrants, and foliar potassium, for strong, stress-resistant sports turf. The biostimulants promote the production of plant hormones essential to combat stress, wetting agents aid water penetration, and potassium increases cell production and hardens the sward; together this helps to condition turf against dry patch and disease.

Phosphite 4.25.16

SYMBIO PHOSPHITE is a highly concentrated liquid biostimulant for plant hardening and stress relief. Symbio Phosphite contains highly mobile phosphite molecules for rapid absorption, promoting root and shoot growth and stimulation of natural plant defence. 

Liquid Silicon

SYMBIO SILICON contains potassium silicate, a plant-available form of silicon. Silicon strengthens cell walls for stronger roots and shoots and increases ball roll and green speed. Thicker cell walls reduce transpiration and wilting in times of water stress, and make it harder for fungal pathogens to penetrate the plant cell. The potassium promotes photosynthesis, allowing rapid growth and recovery. 


SYMBIO AQUACEPT provides an established biological solution to the hydrophobic layer caused by fairy rings and fungal dry patch. Aquacept contains bacteria specially chosen for their ability to break down the organic hydrophobins secreted by the soil fungi which cause dry patch.

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