Sports Turf

Healthy perennial grasses grow in biologically active soil, where microorganisms provide natural defence mechanisms against disease, dry patch and thatch build up. Healthy soils contain mycorrhizal fungi which extend root systems and increase access to nutrients and water.


Symbio provides the correct combination of biology, chemistry and physics for the growth of fine grass, reducing the need for chemicals, and resulting in less disease, less physical disruption, reduced management time and lower costs.


Microbial products

Symbio Vermi-Extract

SYMBIO VERMI EXTRACT helps to create a healthy soil food web and rapidly repairs turf damage, with no chemical additives. Symbio Vermi Extract is a probiotic liquid extraction derived from organic Vermi compost. It contains soil bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Microbial activity increases humus production for improved soil friability, nutrient availability and percolation. 

Symbio Bio Tabs

SYMBIO BIO TABS provide an easy, mess free way to add essential microorganisms to your root zone.  Repair your soil by replacing some of the natural soil biology that is lost to chemicals, drought, and frost. Symbio Bio Tabs are an all-natural soil probiotic, containing beneficial bacteria and fungi found in healthy, productive soil and rootzones.     

Symbio Cool Tabs

SYMBIO COOL TABS are easy to use effervescent tablets that contain beneficial bacteria. Provide a boost to your grass, and repair damage in the cool season. Symbio Cool Tabs are an all-natural soil probiotic, containing beneficial bacterial species found in healthy rootzones. Use Symbio Cool Tabs to help you to create a healthy sward in times of cool season stress.  

Symbio DegrAid

Add thatch degrading biology to your rootzone!

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