Treated Fuchsia Chase Delight


20 cuttings of Fuchsia - Chase Delight were propagated in the first two weeks of September. 10 cuttings were propagated into media containing Symbio MycoForce Mycorrhizal inoculum; the other ten plugs were kept as controls. All plugs were then treated exactly the same, and kept in the same environment. No fertilisers or fungicides were used on either treated or control plants. The nursery grower involved in the trial picked out the average sized control and treated plants for the photograph below.


Photos taken 26th February.  Plant on the left Treated, Control on the right

The treated plants showed increased rooting, as can be seen in the photo. The photo also shows that the treated plant stem is red – a sign of a more mature fuchsia. The better development of the top and root growth of the treated fuchsias is a result of the mycorrhizal association. The associating fungi increase the root surface area for uptake of nutrients and water, this encourages increased top growth, as seen in the photo above.


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