The Effect of Mycorrhizae on Two Varieties of Runner Bean

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20 Runner Bean “Streamline” and 20 Runner Bean “Painted Lady” seeds were sown on 7th August. They were potted into the greenhouse and then hardened off.  They were planted out on 8th August in 2 circles of loft canes; 10 Streamline and 10 Painted Lady in each circle. One circle was treated on 12th August.

Results & Observations

  Date Growth Pattern
Control Treated
19th June No difference
26th June   Leaves a bit stiffer
3rd July   Top of canes pale leaves
10th July   Leaves much stronger
17th July In flower In flower
24th July   More flower
31st July   More leaves much sturdier
7th August   Leaves still sturdier
14th August Maxicrop full rate Flowers begin to set beans
21stAugust   Maxicrop1/2 rate
28th August   Beans forming, leaves darker


The treated plants withstood heavy rain & strong winds much better than the control plants. The roots were stronger and had spread out further. Watering was kept to a minimum and the plants were only fed once.



Over the 3 months of the bean harvest the treated variety produced 57% more beans than the control counter part.  It can be seen from the photos taken in August, September and October that the treated plants were bushier with more leaves, they also started flowering earlier, producing more flowers therefore setting to more beans than the control plants earlier than the control plants (see table above).




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